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Use a comma-separated list to provide multiple column names in case you want to retrieve data for more than one column.

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PostgreSQL has some funny naming conventions for the column names of system catalogs.

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SELECT attname FROM pgattribute WHERE attrelid (SELECT oid FROM pgclass WHERE relname 'YOURTABLENAME') AND attname 'YOURCOLUMNNAME'; Of course, replace YOURTABLENAME and YOURCOLUMNNAME with the proper values.

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tables to get the database table names.

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tablename from informationschema.

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Again, see Table name as a PostgreSQL function parameter; Aside, one might loop through all columns of a table or a whole db to find any such column at once.

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attrelid JOIN pgcatalog. VARCHAR2(1000) Indicates the service name for the service on which the IM column store should be populated.

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Using SQL Query.

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columnname, tc.

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connect () method, then we create a cursor using cursor () method, after that we use the cursor () then extract the first element from it using slicing. , a solution if applied to simple SELECT query like SELECT from person should return a list like Column Name Column Type First Name character Last Name character Age integer Date of Birth date.

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create table tbl (id serial, img1 text, img2 text, foo int, bar int, img14 text); select tablecatalog, tablename, columnname from informationschema.

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keycolumnusage kcu where kcu. columns ON.

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In my public schema I have 1200 tables.

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To see all tables that the current user can access, you can query the alltables view. indexprs.
Control how your data is used and view more info at any time via the Cookie Settings link in the arcgis copy features from one layer to another.